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Who We Serve

Tortuga Financial serves the mass affluent, who have investable assets ranging from $100,000 to two million dollars, as well as select high net worth clients with investable assets over two million dollars.  We have had the privilege of building our firm to what it is today and have learned that we work best with professionals and retirees who share our values and planning objectives. Our best clients are goal-oriented, advice-receptive, and have positive resources to allocate towards their financial goals.


Where do you see yourself in five, ten, or fifteen years? Do you have a plan in place to fund your retirement or other planning goals?  Do you know where you stand financially?  Are your household finances organized?  These are some of the questions that drive our clients while we work with them as a financial team. We want to understand your needs and goals and take actions today to plan for the retirement you are dreaming of.


As fee-based financial planners, we do just that — provide advice. Our clients understand the value of professional guidance, are willing to work with us, and listen when we offer them recommendations. As financial landscapes become increasingly complex, so does the importance of working with a financial planner who intimately understands your unique situation and needs.

Positive Resources

We enjoy working with clients who are excited about moving forward with their finances and have positive resources.  Although we generally serve the mass affluent and high net worth clients, unlike some other advisors, we have no asset minimum, as long as the client is motivated to pursue their financial goals.

Most of our clients come as referrals from existing clients we have been working with. We are always grateful when our loyal clients feel comfortable enough to refer our level of service to their associates, colleagues, friends, and loved ones. Our goals are to make sure we deliver value to our new clients, whether they decide to hire us or not, and to make sure that the client providing the referral is validated.

We like to think of referrals like this: we treat every referral with the same level of care as the person who referred them has come to respect, regardless of their level of investable assets. We make sure everyone receives substantial value and we seek to exceed expectations.