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Ariana  Salcedo

Ariana Salcedo

Client Service Associate

Ariana joined the Tortuga Financial team in May of 2024. She is a native Floridian, student, reader, and just isn’t willing to give up her car as it’s vital to her day-to-day functions. As a Client Service Associate, she handles a variety of client service and project-oriented tasks, as well as acting as our community liaison.  She aspires to learn all things about running a financial planning firm. She joins us as a Finance student at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and a veteran pancake server.

Ariana considers her mother to be her hero, who is driven, dedicated, and never afraid to tackle jobs she’s never done before. She serves as a role model and someone who Ariana aspires to be like.

If not employed in the financial services industry, Ariana may have pursued a career in culinary arts. On weekends, her favorite activities include family get-togethers, study sessions with friends, game nights, going out to eat, and spending quality time with her loved ones. She is passionate about helping others and enjoys immersing herself in a good book.

Her favorite sea creature is the sea turtle. She loves the way in which they swim, calm and without care.