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Market Volatility & Office Updates

| October 04, 2022

Dear Clients,

This year’s financial market volatility has been repugnant to say the least.  We’ve seen unprecedented declines in both the stock and bond markets, with little place to hide.  We know that this can weigh heavily on many of you and the longer it lasts the tougher it becomes.  We are grateful for your patience and perseverance.  It’s going to take some time for all of the economic kinks to work themselves out.  Inflation will eventually come down and hopefully the war in Ukraine will end.   We’re asking you to continue to ride out the volatility and spend time doing things you enjoy with the people you love.  As we approach the holiday season, please remember that time is the only commodity we can’t accumulate, so spend it wisely. 

On another note, be on the lookout for the blue “Book an Appointment” button at the bottom of each of our email signatures.  You now can book and reschedule your own phone call, Zoom, or office meeting at your convenience.  The process provides a peak into our calendar and includes email confirmation, calendar attachment, and reminders.  Please tell us how you like it.  We would love the feedback.  Thank you!


Mike, Kim & Nina