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Nina Koerner

Nina Koerner

Client Service Specialist

Nina joined the Tortuga Financial team in December of 2021.  She is a teacher, wife, mother, and just isn't willing to give up coffee.  As your Client Service Specialist, she is in charge of making sure none of your Checklist Formula™ tasks slip through the cracks, as well as spearheading various company projects.  She joins us with 18 years of teaching experience in Broward County, and has a Master's Degree in Reading and Curriculum for Early Education.  She grew up in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and has lived in Coral Springs since 2001.

Nina puts family first, a valuable lesson taught by her parents, who left their home in India and moved to America. They left their family and friends to create a better life for their growing family, and she aspires to be as courageous as they were through life’s obstacles.  She has a passion for teaching children how to read, and instilling a love of learning in them.  She experiences great joy when sharing the importance of reading to parents. 

When not in the office, Nina can be found cooking a Sunday breakfast for her boys, and at local parks with her family embracing  the simplest pleasures in life, like watching her son searching for sticks and rocks.

Favorite Sea Creature:  The orca!  The orcas ability to communicate make them very unique. Their communication involves pulsed calls and whistles. The calls they produce are as loud as jet plane engines, making communication possible at all times regardless of distance between the animals.