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Welcome to Tortuga Financial. I’m Mike Maynes CFP®, the founder of our financial planning firm based in sunny Boca Raton, FL. We represent the new wave of relationship-based financial professionals, who offer fee-worthy fiduciary level advice. We often say we have the hearts of a therapist, paired with the minds of a capitalist and we love helping people with oodles and oodles of money. My team & I provide financial planning for a select group of high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and households. These clients aspire to grow and preserve their wealth, enjoy recreational endeavors, and leave a financial legacy to their families. Since 1999, my team and I developed and refined a panoramic process that helps our clients put all the wealth management puzzle pieces together. We call it the Checklist Formula®. Our mission is to provide Advice Beyond Return® and helping high net worth clients make informed financial decisions is why we exist! It provides our clients with clarity, and we enjoy a bevy of professional gratitude!


Real people with real questions.
People come to Tortuga Financial when it’s time to get serious about
getting their financial house in order.



You're at your peak earning years. You're raising a family. Life is busy. Your retirement plan deserves more attention because it's not far off. 

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Now it's time to focus on you because retirement is not that far off. You've worked hard, saved, raised a family and did everything you were supposed to do. 

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<sup>The<br/></sup>New Retiree

New Retiree

Retirement is here and you're enjoying your freedom!

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<sup>The</sup><br/>Seasoned Retiree

Seasoned Retiree

You're 10 years or more into your retirement and enjoying it. But you're also beginning to look ahead to your future. 

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Now it's just you and you're feeling overwhelmed. You feel pressure to make decisions and have questions about what you should do next. 

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Our panoramic financial planning process puts all the pieces of the work-optional lifestyle and wealth management puzzle together.  We call it the Checklist Formula®.   Our team has developed and refined this process over the last 25 years to make sure nothing in your financial life slips through the cracks.  

While our clientele is comprised heavily of corporate executives, attorneys, healthcare, and aviation professionals, our expertise is best suited for high net worth and ultra-high net worth goal-oriented professionals who may know how to close an M&A, perform open-heart surgery, fly an Boeing 777, but is less skilled when it comes to managing their financial situation and planning for their financial future.

Our clients share our core values of confidentiality, privacy, trust, transparency, and attention to detail.  Our clients are referred to us for our reputation for building lasting relationships and long-term excellence.

We are based in the sea turtle-friendly community of Boca Raton, Florida and primarily serve Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, as well as Monroe County down in the lovely Florida Keys.  We are happy to Zoom across the nation to work with a select group of clients who best fit our process and prefer a team of professionals outside their backyard.

Call us at 561-955-6098 or email to learn how to start our process.


Panoramic Financial Planning

Our approach looks at your big picture and focuses on your family, occupation, recreation, and of course your money.  

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Insurance & Risk Management

We focus on what kind of insurance your financial plan requires, and pursue the most cost-effective way to get it.

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Wealth Management

Customized fee-based investment strategies designed to help you pursue a confident, work-optional lifestyle.

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Michael J. Maynes

Mike Maynes, CFP®


Over the past 25 years, Mike has firmly established his place in the Boca Raton community, while founding his financial planning firm Tortuga Financial. Mike has developed and refined a process called The Checklist Formula®.

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Kimberly Summas

Kimberly Summas

Client Service Manager

Kim has been a valuable Tortuga Financial team member for the last seven plus years. She is an animal lover, mother, and philanthropist. As your dedicated client service coordinator, she keeps our firm running smoothly every day.

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